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  • 5 years 10 months ago
    Hi Lyudmila & Yuly,
      When I was in Hoboken, and Weekawken water front taking photos of the River and NYC.  I was reminded of the album you have of your trip.  I wanted to get a few photos of what the ship looked like from the river sailing out to sea.  here is a photo for you of the ship as it sets out of port hope you like it.  Scot

  • 5 years 10 months ago
    Hi Lyudmila and Yuliy,
      I like the new additions to your photos.  How is everything with you?  I'm good just did a big walking tour of the Jersey Side of the Hudson River taking photos of NYC.  I enjoyed it very much.  Have a good day,  Scott
  • Sawillman37 (Private)
    6 years 2 months ago
    Hi Lyudmila and Yuliy,
      I like the Cruise Ship album.  Looks like you had a great time on the Seas and in Puerto Rico.  Did you have any of the local food in Puerto Rico?  I like Puerto Rician food.  My wife is Puerto Rican and cooks great food.  How was your trip?   Scott
  • Sawillman37 (Private)
    6 years 3 months ago
      Looks like you had a great cruis to the carribian NYC to Puerto Rico and other Islands.  I enjoyed the album.  I'll stop by to leave comments later.  Scott
    • (Anonymously) (Private)
      6 years 3 months ago
      Thank you Scott!
  • 6 years 8 months ago
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  • 6 years 9 months ago
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  • Dawie (Private)
    7 years 1 month ago
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  • Oleg & Valya Premium user United States (Private)
    7 years 8 months ago
    С праздниками вас!
    Успехов и хорошего настроения! Пусть гномики оградят вас от всех несчастий в наступающем году!
    Олег и Валя
  • Bill United States (Private)
    8 years 1 month ago
    Lyudmila it's amazing how things come to pass and I bet that was the best tasting cheese you've ever had! My cousin had a similar experience in that he had received a parking ticket earlier in the week and went to pay it that morning cursing all the way... he's extremely happy he got it now. If he'd had gone straight to work who knows what would've happened. Anyway, I'm very glad we can converse today and you are here to share your pictures with the rest of us. Until next time... Bill