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  • 5 years 5 months ago
    thanks for the advice, i did all u said and it seemed nothing worked, u will not believe the DTs and DC i had performed on my hair since the devacare nitemare but like u and other sistas on NC advised i keep up with them and today i am finally seeing a change. I did an avocado DC (mix it with essential oils) the past 2 days and my hair seems to be responding to that. i guess i was trying to see fast results, but my hair was mad @ me for what i had done 2 it so i had 2 baby it back to normal state. Its isnt completely back but i am grateful for the progress.
    funny u said what you said about BB ur not the first i heard had issues with their products. and you are absolutely rite about why we search for oth products when we have some that already work. Gurl i guess i was still looking 2 see if there was better out there, but my search is OVER I got my fave conditioners, OILS (which my hair loves), my leave-ins and my shea butter. all i need is a clarifyer and i am set.
    thannks again for the feedback. Hope to talk 2 ya soon!