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  • Modelerchuck Premium user United States (Private)
    2 years 4 months ago
    HOWDY   I enjoyed your Opal Admiral Cabriolet build so far.  I like the garage back drop, the hoist and figure.  Makes for a great area to photograph.  A friend of mine who I have been trying to get on FOTKI also has agarage work area and backdrop.  He takes great pictures with his phone and shows them to me at work.Looking forward to see more of your work...Chuck
  • Nathanp47 United States (Private)
    3 years 9 months ago
    John PLEASE if you get a chance check out my forum and another one I have a partnership with the owner of. His is ath Modeler's Haven of Scale Dreams And mine is MuscleCarJourneys   I think you will find them BOTH great places to show off what you build. Nathan
  • Nathanp47 United States (Private)
    3 years 9 months ago
    hey John, I see that we are friends already and you definitely NEED to be  in my forums, one I outright own and the other I am a co-owner or have administrator privileges in, one of them is owned by Bill macDonald who is from Canada, it is called The Modeler's Haven of Scale Dreams the link to it is here And mine which is called either MusclecarJourney or ModelCarJourney (it started out as MuscleCarJourney then was changed as we started having every kind of model car person show up, so now it's the latter and here's the link to it.  So come on over to both of them tell us who you are, you can even mention we met on fotki and share what you build and then post away, we have lots of categories and boards on both of them. have a blessed day and  hope to see you there.Nathan 
  • Nik99nik Russia (Private)
    6 years 3 months ago
    Hallo, dear Mr. John!
    Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best. Good health, good job, good money and more free time to hobby for you! :)
    Sincerely yours, Nick from Russia