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  • Bill Premium user United States (Private)
    4 years 6 months ago
    To all of Brad's friends on Fotki -

    Brad passed away on April 6, 2012.   He was loved by all and will be missed by many. 

    If you wish to remember Brad please donate to the Mount Washington Observatory at:

    or you can sponsor his 'Seek the Peek' Hike-a-Thon at:

    On Brad's behalf I'll state that he enjoyed his time on Fotki as well as all his Fotki friends.
    I, for one, will miss his pictures and comments!

    Thanks, in advance, for your contributions,

    Brad's friend,


  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    6 years 1 month ago
    Enjoyed your pictures, I love the new ones with the water, barn, etc.
  • PoetGeoff United States (Private)
    6 years 4 months ago
    :) Thank you for the add. Kathy speaks so highly of you! And she is right! You are an awesome photographer! You do an amazing job of capturing breathtaking moments in nature! Haven't had a lot of time to go through all of your albums, but ... I will manage to find some time soon! Thank you, again.
    • 6 years 4 months ago
      LOL - if you are going through them all, it will take a while...

      I forwarded your poems you wrote, for the 2 paintings Kathy did of my photos, on to several friends. I liked them a lot.
      • PoetGeoff United States (Private)
        6 years 4 months ago
        Well, thank you. I am honored. (And yes, I could see that it might take a pot of coffee, not just a cup, to get through your albums. I have always loved the art of photography ... from afar, though, having absolutely no gift or talent for it. I have seen many things that I took pictures of, congratulating myself of the moment I captured, only to look at the finished product and tried to remember what the heck I was seeing ... oh well. I admire others works and applaud their creativity and ability!
        Maybe I can ply my meager talents at a few more of your photos as I get through them ... ?
        • 6 years 4 months ago
          I like to work with available light to see what I can capture. An example would be a full moon rising - behind a full bank of clouds - done with a 4 minute exposure. Or a before sunrise shot with the car's headlights shining out on a dock.
          • PoetGeoff United States (Private)
            6 years 4 months ago
            Awww, thanks for thinking I would understand that.
            Just kidding, I sort of do ... The four minute exposure is way beyond my equipment capacity. The available light ... that I get, and all I usually have to shoot with. My equipment consists of a Walmart Digital Camera. Available everywhere and affordable to most people. And requires all the technical knowledge of: point, push button, repeat as neccessary...
            It is interesting to hear the process behind the result, though! Maybe, if I read carefully, I might pick up a trick or two and be able to recognize what I photographed, then ... :)
            • (Anonymously) (Private)
              6 years 4 months ago
              Here is a long exposure at midnight

              And a pre-sunrise shot using the car's headlights
  • Lynne294 (Private)
    6 years 10 months ago