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  • Nancy-LF Premium user United States (Private)
    4 months ago
    How is Spring coming along there? Still have snow? :)
    Did you still want tags for Casper and David? I see you did not look
    lately at their albums.

    Hope you are doing well!
    I fell yesterday and my left hand is bruised and swollen. And, the left side of my back.

    • 4 months ago
      Hi Nancy, spring is moving along two steps to the front and then three steps to the back! Last week glorious sunny weather and this week grey with rain and windy again. But blossoms and daffodils are appearing. Guess a little bit of patience will go a long way! Take care! :-)
  • Smiles4you Premium user United States (Private)
    5 months ago

    Hi to all my friends here :-) ...I sure miss you all and I wanted you to know that I
    have been going through a lot lately and that is why I have not been here.
    My dad passed a away 3 days after Christmas and it has been really hard and
    lots to do and no time for anything else. He was my best friend and is really missed but we do have the hope and know that he is in a better place now and
    really enjoying life in Heaven, -this life down here as the bible says is just a vapor
    that appeareth and is gone, but life in Heaven is eternal for those that believe in
    what Jesus did for us, by dying on the cross for our sins if we but confess our sins and believe and accept what He did for us to go to Heaven.
    You know I wish you always all the best and God's blessing on you all always!
    Your smiley friend :-)Paul

  • EK-girl Premium user United Kingdom (Private)
    10 months ago
    Hi Gypsy
    Re Fotor, as I explained mine is a freebie, and it was actually my daughter who found it for me.....if you have any trouble let me know and I will ask her about it.