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  • Nancy-LF Premium user United States (Private)
    1 month ago
    Toni, came into your life and left paw prints everywhere.... And, in your heart.
    You gave him a home, food, toys, and , all your love.
    There will never be another Toni!

    He even left paw prints in my heart, also.  And, I have been so sad, all day. And, gave
    Mr Kitty some extra snuggles ... And, told him about Toni.
    In time... you might want to share your home with one of Toni's friends.
    Think he would like that.

    For now, just take care of yourself.
    And, know he might stop by, and jump on your bed one say hi...xoxo
    Love Nancy

    Stop by later and let me know what happen....

  • Nancy-LF Premium user United States (Private)
    3 months ago
    Mr kitty is still eating good. Sometimes we think to much LOL
    Has been dealing with pollen lately. But, we got some rain to help wash it off everything.
    He still goes outside, and enjoys his time there a lot.

    How are you and Toni doing? :)

    Does your friend sell those beds on line anywhere?
    "A friend of Toni's Cat Lady makes these for her miniature chihuahua dogs."

    With all the facebook mess going on, will you still stay?

  • Nancy-LF Premium user United States (Private)
    9 months ago
    Back from the Hurricane!
    I had to go 3 states over to get out of Fla and the
    hurricane.  And Mr Kitty went with me!

    could not come home due to flooding and bridges
    closed...and no gas. I just got home 2 days ago. Had roof shingles all
    over the place. And, 2 large tree limbs that fell into the back yard,
    taking out a fence. Also, had to throw away all the food in the house
    and refrigerator.
    So, that was a blow. I had no power in the house for a week. So all of
    it was bad !!

    We have power now. Thank God. I feel my Angels were with me through all of this, for sure!! :)

    How is your cat?
    Hope you are doing well !!
  • EK-girl Premium user United Kingdom (Private)
    10 months ago
    Good morning Gypsy
    Just had a look at some of your lovely shots.  Left some comments too.   Hope you and yours are well and happy and that your summer has been good.   We have had very mixed weather in the summer here, which is quite usual in Scotland I have to say.   However, we have managed to have some good walks and have enjoyed the summer.  

    At present we are in the middle of a kitchen upgrade.  What a mess it causes, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

    Thanks for visiting my albums recently, always nice to hear from you.

  • Nancy-LF Premium user United States (Private)
    11 months ago
    I had to take my cat to the vet yesterday. He was limping.
    Seems his tumors are growing again.
    Vet thinks it could have been caused by a vaccination he got.  But, I have only taken him to this
    one vet clinic.
    So who knows.  We took him in off the street.
    When the vet first noticed the lump, he wanted $500 just to biopsy it. And, thousands to do surgery.

    He has lossed a pound in a year. We feed him good food and lots of treats. So we thought he may have gained weight.

    Vet gave his a cortisone shot to help. And,suggest pain meds later.
    Then he talked about putting him down.

    Keep some prayers going for Mr Kitty.