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  • 2 years 10 months ago
    Hello Ging...I really enjoyed looking through your photos. I especially enjoyed your photos from you home iusland in the Marshall Islands. It must be a beautiful and peacefull place to live. I love being a part of Fotki because I get to meet people from all parts of the world and I get to see places that I know I will never get to visit. Thank you for sharing your photos with us!!

    • Ging Premium user United States (Private)
      2 years 10 months ago
      Hi Tom,

      Thanks you for visiting my page and admiring my photographs in the Island, It's my pleasure. You are exactly right Tom the island is too quiet and very safe to live bad people around, some people here especially those who have problem sleeping they do their exercise in the late night and you can expect that nobody will harm you..but there are people who cannot deal to live here because of too much isolated it maybe depends of what kind of life they want to have too. Yes, I am glad I am now a part of Fotki I am new here and I am still learning.

      I am very much pleased.

      Your friend from pacific,
  • LesTension Premium user United States (Private)
    2 years 11 months ago
    Hello Ging....I have enjoyed looking at photos of your little slice of heaven.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm sure I will re-visit your site in a few months when it is very cold and snowy in my neighborhood.  

    I have a question:  where do you get fresh water on your island?  Seems almost impossible to find it there unless you have a desalination plant somewhere.  Just curious.

  • Beatrix Premium user Germany (Private)
    3 years ago
    Hi Ging, a hearty welcome to Fotkoland!
    Sure you will enjoy it here and meet (virtually) some nice friends. :)
    Thank you for you visite, I am happy you liked some of my pictures.
    But I am actually not living in Australia, as you wrote and thought, but in Austria (well now my family and I are living in Germany/Bavaria, just one hop across the borderline to Austria/Salzburg). But I am from Austria, born and raised in the capital city Vienna. Austria is a very small but very beautiful country in the heart of Europe :). So I am afraid you will not be able to see those places you liked in my album in Australia ;). But Australia must be also a just wonderful and dashing country, worthy to see, and my secret destiniy for travelling since many years.
    My mothertounge is German, so forgive if I make mistakes :)
    I wish you and your hubby Gods blessing and send you greetings from far across the "big pond" in Europe, Germany
    • Ging Premium user United States (Private)
      3 years ago
      Hi Trixi,

      Thank you for welcoming me here in Fotki I am very new here and I just started uploading photos.

      My apology, I miss looked the word Austria into Australia, Oh what an embarrassing but maybe because I was flattered viewing some of your photos they are all awesome,

      I guess Austria is a beautiful place, I will add this to my bucket list and I hope someday I can see the beauty of your Country. My husband has a German blood but he was born in USA.

      Thanks for the wishes and greetings...I hope someday I can visit your place.

      Greetings from Pacific!

      Kind regard,

      • Beatrix Premium user Germany (Private)
        3 years ago
        My dear Ging, PLEASE DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED! ♥ This is a funny mistake many people are doing, in fact so many that there are jokes runnig about it - I am sure in both countries. One can easily do it by reading to quick over the word. I found ones a very funny T-shirt at one of our lakes where tourists are coming in flocks.
        Now one can see this more often all around our touristc centers :)))))))))))))). I am so sure something like this, the other way round (maybe with the classic composer Mozart or so) exists in Australia too :)).
        So please - no harm done - I just giggled and you easily can do that too. :-D
        Would be happy, if you would come one day - to visite small but very beautiful Austria. Sure you would love it.
        Be blessed - Trixi:)
        • Ging Premium user United States (Private)
          3 years ago
          Dear Trixi, Thank you for understanding.;=) I had a big smile when I read your message and seeing this sign...this is really funny. I saw this in your album, I cannot abstain viewing your beautiful photographs and views very very much empressive. All of them are so amazing. God bless you too and your family Trixi.. I am so blessed to have a new found friend here in fotki and thanks for adding me as your friend. Regard, Ging from pacifi.