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  • Lovin' Locks United States (Private)
    10 months ago
    Hello Chica:

    I was just wondering if you were still out here in cyber world, girl.  Looks like this place is a has-been for you.  But, just in case you check in - know I was thinking of you.

    Lovin' Locks
  • 3 years 4 months ago
    Hey Ri!

    I'm currently on a Nappy365 Challenge. I will be posting a new hairstyle on my blog each day for a year. All styles will be done by me, with no heat used to achieve the styles.

    I'll be posting the styles here in my fotki album as well, but not daily.

    So stop by my blog to see the new style each day and also for styling inspiration from other napptural stylistas!

    Nappturally Yours,


    P.S. If you'd like to join me in the challenge, feel free :-)
  • 3 years 9 months ago
    Hi Empress,

    I have NEWS -The salon where I work - (Beyond Hair Salon) will be on

    Tabatha Takes Over on Bravo - Tuesday Jan 24 10pm. I will not be on the episode (I was

    too new at the time) but I hope you will tune in and spread the word

    None of us have seen the episode yet... we want the ratings to be great.

    Also, My Boss Aisha has created the title of Natural Hair Care Specialist for me at the

    salon. I'm psyched!
    As Natural Hair
    Enthusiast I'd love to have your input about what you would want from a
    salon experience and also please share with me any Natural hair
    experiences you've had at salons. tell me about techniques you think I
    may not know about and all the new stuff you've been seeing and hearing

    I want to excel in this career and I know I can with your help.


    Oh, and I updated too.

  • Mookie1 Premium user United States (Private)
    3 years 9 months ago
    Hey Empress! :) Your hair is totally on point!! It always looks good,and I know that comes with the right products,and the way you care for your hair :) I notice you use a lot of natural products,and your hair benefits from that,your hair is gorgeous!Really though-you know your stuff.What products would you recommend I use for my hair being I'm starting over,and all.I just want to start again-and if anyone knows about 'HEALTHY HAIR'...that would be you(in my book)...PLEASE HELP! 
  • Kymelle United States (Private)
    4 years 6 months ago
    Thanks for stopping by!!  I learned my roller setting technique from "alraines" on YouTube, she also has a Fotki album (she has the link on her YT page).  

    Alraines YouTube  'Quick Roller Set' tutorial: