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  • 2 years 8 months ago
    Hey Ms Dee where you been? Its been a while since we've talked! How's your journey going?  I recently had my hair flat ironed..By someone else, it turned out nice but I'm ready for my cotton and coils to return.     Well hope all is well with you, just wanted to check in. God bless! 
  • 2 years 9 months ago
    Hey Cherie!! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for always showing love (ou pa jam bliye'm) and the congrats on the wedding. It's been a crazy year and I haven't been round these parts much, but I'm gonna try to be better. Lol, ou te fe'm ri avek question de si'm gen mennaj lan. M'espere que fre'w lan ap jwen on bon moun. Thanks for checking out the blog too, I'm actually going to start a new one very soon. Will send you link. I cheked yours' out but you haven't posted in a while, are you gonna continue with it?

    An tou ka, I hope you're doing well. Bonne Annee!! I will be in touch. xo
    • 2 years 8 months ago
      Hey chou, happy new years!!!! may God bless you with prosperity,joy,peace,love,success,abundance,and good health this year (amongst many more).
      I know i havent posted in a min i have to get in the habbit of taking pix again. Glad to hear your are doing good. the hard part (wedding planning) is over yay!! mwen espere frem yo ap gwin osi yo se BEAU gason.
      keep in posted on your new blog and hair updates (ou ka dim de marriage la siw vle lol) talk to you soon PYT