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  • SunOneFL Premium user United States (Private)
    3 years 11 months ago
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the tags. Sorry I don't have an always list, but if you see something you like, leave me a comment with the name under the tag, and I'll be happy to make you one/some ( :
    Hope your weekend is going well!
  • Pandoras2000 United States (Private)
    5 years 5 months ago
    Hi, I'm sorry I just read your message today that you sent a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for your kind words about my tags. I tag for a couple of groups:

    The next one is an always list. On all groups there are multiple taggers.

  • Illusive Elsie Puerto Rico (Private)
    5 years 5 months ago
    Hey there... getting back to you and apologizing for taking more than usual. Have been on a tagging hiatus due to health issues but will let you know as soon as I get back into tagging. Please send me which tags you'd want to request and the name and I see if I can work on them little by little.

    Thanks so much for the message and compliment!

    Hugs, Elsie